What to wear

Clients often ask me, what should we wear?  Anything you like!  The session is all about capturing a memory, a snap shot in time, the essence of you and your child.  Timeless clothing is great to insure your photos do not become dated.  Bold colours or earthy tones, fun accessories like hats, scarves, a favourite stuffy are all great to bring along.  It’s nice if you can stay away from clothing with logos, name brands, pictures or words on them.  Simple and classic.  Feel free to bring a few changes of clothing.   A splash of colour is always nice.  Always think of where in your house you would like to hang your portrait and you can start a colour theme from there.

For family photographs, it’s wonderful if everyone has clothing colours that compliment each other.  One example would be for everyone to dress in creams, greens and browns.  I love the 3 colour rule.  Also, please try to avoid dressing everyone in the same colour, it can look unnatural.  It’s great if you can all wear a splash of the same colour.  A scarf for one member of the family, shoes, t-shirt….you get the idea.

Feel free to bring anything your might want to include in the photo with you.  A favourite toy, blanket, dress up clothing, a bike, skateboard…..family treasures…you will look back and remember the memories in the years ahead.


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