About Me

About Me

Hi, I’m Christine!

I am a mom who loves to take pictures!  I started out taking photos on my Canon film camera when I was a teenager.  My good friend Cyn always inspired me to get out and shoot with her.  At that time in my life, it was all about new attractions in Guelph like the covered bridge, my new blue truck and of course baby ducklings.  In my 20’s I took a darkroom developing class and loved using grainy black and while film with lots of natural light.  I pursued a full-time music career for 15 years and then my world changed.  I became a mom!  The greatest joy of my life is my children, who inspired me to get back to my love of photography.

I love to photograph people and pets, shooting with natural and studio light, capturing emotion and personality.

Photography is more than a job to me, it’s my passion.

I like to smile, I love chocolate and black coffee.

I am a Capricorn, need I say more!

If there is anything else you would like to know, just send me a message.

Thanks for visiting my site.


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